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Founded as wholly owned Subsidiary of Acotel Group, a public listed company, in 2003.
Separated from Acotel Group in 2020 and operating independently to provide Value added service for mobile users Globally .

Globally, Acotel has offered emerging market-specific digital media services. We have advanced this through our products in the present.

  • Mobile content services: This includes streaming of music, videos, games, and other digital content.
  • Mobile marketing and advertising: This includes mobile ads, mobile coupons, and mobile loyalty programs.
  • Mobile health services: This includes health and wellness apps, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring services.

We use patented technology that integrates Content Management, Mobile Payments, Advertising, and Anti-Fraud Technology to increase household access to digital content.
Overall, the aim Acotel is to enhance the mobile user experience and provide users with more convenience, flexibility, and value.


We do offer awesome Services

Our mobile content services are designed to enhance the user experience and provide access to a wide range of digital content on the go.

Mas Premios

Use your Knowledge to beat the quiz masters and get a chance to win Latest iPhone every month.

Fee Vida

Soul and Mind is a Mental Health App dedicated to you


Zodiack is an esoteric portal full of mystical content, therapies and meditations. 

Mobi Videos

MobiVideos is a video streaming product with branded Web-Series, exclusive to you! 

What We Do

We are Digital Content Creators. We develop Mobile First Products which are scalable and high quality. We partner with Brands for Content and create Products with high engagement and value for Telco Customer


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We develop Premium Products.

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Mas Premios


Fee Vida




Mobi Videos



Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, These service are not free. We put in hunders of hours of work, sweat and blood for creating these services and in ordeer to pay our content creators we charge users.

  • We partner with Telco Operator WW to help us distribute these service to their users. You can subcribe to our services with your Telcom Opertaor Payment Plan and enjoy.

  • Our Value Added Services are typically priced on a pay-per-use basis, subscription-based model, or as part of a bundled package. Pricing models may vary depending on the Country and Telecom Operator.


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We are located in US, Mexico and Brazil. We are coming soon with Colombia.


77 Water Street, 7th & 8th Floors, New York, NY 10005

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